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Casino Players Like to Eat Potatoes

You’ve probably noticed that casino players like to eat potatoes. While potato chips aren’t a superfood, they are a cheap and convenient snack. And since they’re inexpensive, potato chips are one of the best foods for gambling. While you’re on a winning streak, you probably don’t want to stop and eat. That’s because potato chips are high in saturated fats, which cloud your judgment.

As a side dish, baked potatoes are another favorite snack of best payout online casino Australia players. They’re easy to eat and have a crunchy texture. Baked potatoes are available at many casinos. In addition to potatoes, casino players like to eat popcorn shrimp. They come in small cups and are easy to eat while mingling. You can also enjoy fruits like strawberries or grapes, served chilled and lightly dusted with sugar.

As a snack, dark chocolate is another favorite. A small piece of dark chocolate has almost no prep, and it has many health benefits when consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate is the closest to cacao origins, and contains nutrients that help fight stress and improve focus. Porridge takes a little bit more time, but it only requires you to microwave it. Oats release energy slowly. A banana or two can help make porridge even more appealing.

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